The Anti-Bride Tribe

Rock 'n' Roll Bride has long been celebrating the quirky and different. The founder, Kat, has started the #antibridetribe movement on Instagram, which has long been overdue.

Weddings can do strange things to people. An idea of impossible perfection surrounds weddings  from Pinterest worthy table decorations to toxic bride diet and the eye-watering costs, that puts an inordinate amount of pressure on a couple to do things, and to be, a certain way.

I see this firsthand all the time as a makeup artist. I have brides send me an image of a perfect blue-eyed, blonde model when they are olive skinned with brown hair and eyes. I have brides with short hair suddenly wanting long, boho mermaid hair (then again who doesn't). I have brides insisting they have "flawless" skin when their laughter lines show me they have lived.

When that engagement ring slips onto that finger, the woman is suddenly under huge stress to become someone they are not, simply to fit in with an outdated beauty ideal which is utter bollocks. 

When I work with brides I'm always positive about who they are and stress WHAT DO YOU LIKE rather than recreate some rubbish heavily edited photo of a model. I love the wacky, the different, the 'other.' I love brides who come to me just the way they are. 

Nicki, an alternative photographer, and I felt the same so we put together a shoot inspired by the ultimate champion of the outsider, David Bowie, to celebrate all things that make us uniquely, wonderfully different. I hope you love it as much as I do! 

High fives for: 

Nicki Feltham Photography 

Beau Buttons

Lyra and Zach for being awesome models! 

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