Ethical Bridal Styled Shoot

The UK wedding industry is worth £10 billion according to Hitched and from the engagement to the wedding day it costs on average, £36,000. 

In this maelstrom of an industry there is a growing movement where couples are carefully considering their choices.

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The Ethical Couple

Is the confetti biodegradable? Is the groom's shirt made ethically? Are the flowers organic, sustainable? Is the food locally sourced? 

At the moment this is just a small corner of the booming wedding industry, but its' growing with pace. The documentary Blue Planet showing the effects of our waste, particularly plastic, on wildlife and the thriving vegan lifestyle have enlightened people to make more conscious choices. 

I stumbled upon the website Cruelty-Free Kitty by chance. I slipped down a rabbit hole of cosmetic animal testing to discover my favourite brands - Estee Lauder, MAC, NARS, Channel, Dove - to name a few all test on animals. As a dog owner to an awesome Jack Russell, Dougie, I couldn't equate putting on a lipstick that had also been tested on a dog that would have been just like my Dougie. An animal that is capable of being loving, playful, and joyous but also capable of experiencing sadness, longing, anxiety, and fear. 

I threw away all those brands (in fact I donated a lot to the Beauty Banks) and started my makeup kit all over again. I turned down wedding jobs where the bride wanted to use products I knew tested on animals, I rejected fashion shoots who insisted on a certain brand and I missed training opportunities at leading cosmetic brands because they sold products in China. 

When Nicki Feltham randomly messaged me on Instagram to say how much she loved my cruelty-free approach as a vegan herself, I knew I had to work with her. 

Nicki Feltham

We pulled together other ethical suppliers to create this styled shoot. I hope you like it as much as I liked working on it. 

For more information on the suppliers who were part of the shoot, check out my ethical suppliers page here. 

Carrie Starbuck