The Budget Skincare Series: Coconut Oil

While the saying, "your skin is 90% of your selfie," is horribly millennial it does have a very valid point. Good, fresh, clear skin is going to make you look and feel fantastic. If you haven't been blessed by the Glowing Skin Gods then gorgeous skin is going to take some effort. 

Luckily, there is an entire industry dedicated to high-quality skincare who are boldly selling the dream of miracles. Sensai's Ultimate Cream "combines the powerful skin-refining properties of Koishimaru silk and sakura tree extracts that activates the skin's energy production, works to repair genetic damage, and creates a smooth, youthful complexion with a bright, luminous glow."

Great, you can have all that in a 40ml tub for a cool £450. That's on offer. 

If you have that cash to blow then honey, TELL ME YOUR SECRET, but if you're like me where even the £2-3 face sheet masks can burn a hole in your pocket some months then turning towards a natural skincare is for you. 

Coconut Oil

I first learnt about the benefits of coconut oil when my tattooist, Amber Jane, recommended I used the oil to help heal my new tattoo. Apparently, I was a bit late to the party as Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian had already endorsed coconut oil as a superfood helping UK sales of the oil rise over the past four years from around £1m to £16.4m last year.

I. kid. you. not. 

Knowing my good friends Gwyneth and Kourtney liked it so much and the fact, it smelt/tasted yummy I put the oil on my open wound. The tattoo healed beautifully and my skin was softer (and tastier). 

I started to investigate all the other benefits of coconut oil from its nutritional values to mind-enhancing powers. There is a lot of conflicting evidence out there so if you want to know more about the various benefits of coconut oil without hippy talk then this article from the Guardian is a goodie. 

But as I have very dry skin I was mostly interested in the oil's hydrating properties. Coconut oil mixed with sugar makes a simple, yet effective and best of all, cheap, moisturising exfoliant.

The recipe below is how you can create your own natural skincare on a budget. Coconut oil is available in all supermarkets from as little as £3. I would recommend an organic unrefined cane sugar which start from about £1.50, but there's no judgement here if you got a packet of old caster sugar in the cupboard dying to be your skincare buddy. You go girlfriend. 

I use the scrub once a week in the shower for some all over body lovin'. I do use the scrub on my face every fortnight to exfoliate and for extra pampering I leave the scrub on for 10 minutes to soak in. Relaxation and licking your lips for sugary yumminess when using this recipe is obligatory. 

Coconut and Sugar Scrub.png

If you don't fancy making a lot of the scrub simply take a bit of coconut oil in your hand, pop in a pinch of sugar, rub your hands together and presto! You have a lush scrub. Go crazy and enjoy. 

Carrie Starbuck